The IBA is working with the Ohio and Wisconsin Broadcasters Associations and Media Staffing Network to provide member stations with a new program, Local Sales Recruitment. The program will help bring you the best and brightest sellers. We’ve heard you: it’s difficult to find and keep sellers.

Since 1993, Media Staffing Network has worked exclusively with media companies to help them hire sellers, managers and various other positions. Hiring and retaining people today is a different game than it used to be.

Local Sales Recruitment is designed to help broadcasters find, hire and retain top sales talent. It isn’t an overnight, quick fix. It’s designed to change your entire hiring process with their expertise and experience. Stations will find more effective tools and tricks to help find people in their own markets. Companies in small and large markets will be able to fine tune their recruitment strategy and practices.

Local Sales Recruitment Webinar Series

The IBA is paying for member access to the training program’s webinar series. The webinars take place once a month between February and July, with topics to help not only hire, but build and maintain a pipeline of potential hires.  All sessions will be presented by Media Staffing Network President & CEO Laurie Kahn.

  1. Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 11 a.m. – Why Can’t We Find Sellers? 
    Hiring sellers is a major challenge that causes many media managers to lose sleep at night. Regardless if the issue is lack of response to ads, poor compensation plans or not having time to really conduct searches, recruitment needs to be a major focus for any company. It is much more than just posting an ad to be successful, it takes a major commitment. In this session will be an overview of the entire 6 month program: why hiring tactics need to change; why turnover will kill you and how to stop it while hiring smarter; and what the sales team of the future looks like. Register now.
  1. Wednesday, March 8, at 11 a.m. –It Isn’t All About the Money
    There are more things to consider than commission rates, this session will cover compensation  ideas, perks and benefits that don’t break the bank and will start you thinking out of the box on where your next hire could come from, in addition to building a recruitment strategy and budget. Register now.
  2. Wednesday, April 12 , at 11 a.m. – Getting the Word Out  
    Job seekers are smart and savvy, they are going to check you out before you ever learn their name. In this session, we start with the essentials of building a solid job description and then how to market, not just your open jobs, using social media, live events and referral programs. It will be helpful to have all participants have access to a computer with Internet connection for this session. Register now.
  3. Wednesday, May 10, at 11 a.m. – How Do I Find the New Sellers?
    If you think you can post an ad and find your superstars, you may be mistaken! Recruiting takes as much planning, focus and commitment as you give to landing target accounts. Learn about where and how to find potential sellers, how to reach out and court them to join your team while putting in an accountability program to be sure your managers are doing what they need to find the candidates. Register now.
  4. Wednesday, June 14, at 11 a.m. – Can I Legally Ask That Question? 
    Asking the right questions during an interview is an art. Find out smarter ways to gain information along with a reminder of what you can and can not ask during interviews; plus tips on building a better offer letter. Register now.
  5. Wednesday, July 12, at 11 a.m. – Building and Keeping the Ideal Team 
    We have all heard how there will be more turnover in the future with people expected to switch jobs more often so it is crucial to get them in and productive as soon as possible. Hear what successful companies are doing to ramp up new hires and how to retain the ones you want by keeping staff engaged while building a better culture. Register now.

There is no cost to participate in these webinars, but registration is required. All sessions will be archived and available for later viewing.

Additional Training Resources

Media Staffing Network has also put together additional training options for stations. These are available to stations at a special price, listed below. Stations interested in any of the following services should register with Media Staffing Network.

(1) Webinar Handout Package ($50)

This package is designed to accompany the webinars and is provided to each company by market. The fee covers all six webinars in the series, and the handout supplements are mailed to each station as a hard copy. The handout package includes the following:

  • Templates with each webinar including:
    • Sample sales job profile
    • Sample recruitment ad, tips for recruitment brochure, job postings
    • Tips on using LinkedIn
    • List of suggested social media sites to review for job postings
    • Template of recruitment log
    • Suggested calendar of when to recruit, promote jobs
    • Sample offer letter
    • Tips of ideas to keep staff engaged
    • Tips on things to include in career page on website
  • Access to our portal for updated ideas and reference
  • Inclusion in our monthly email blast with hiring tips
  • Reference checking guide
  • Permissible topics in interviewing
  • Sample interview questions
  • (2) Review and Update of Current Hiring Tools ($750)

    Media Staffing Network will review and update your current hiring tools, including job profiles, offer letters and recruitment ads. This review service is available at a special price just for IBA members, and services will be provided for one year.

    (3) Marketing Package ($500)

    Media Staffing Network will provide you with copy for recruitment on-air ads and social media, personalized LinkedIn profile coaching and coaching on setting up email blasts. This service is offered at a discounted price for IBA members, and marketing services are available for one year.

    (4) Career Page Assistance (ask for a quote)

    Media Staffing Network will review of your station’s website and career page with suggestions on how to better attract candidates.

    (5) Sourcing Services

    If stations decide they prefer more hands-on assistance, Media Staffing Network can provide sourcing services, priced at a special rate for OAB members:

    • Sourcing local job seekers, forward to station for review and follow up (minimum 40 hour package – $1,200)
    • Sourcing local, non-job seekers, identify passive candidates, build a log that stations can use to track or market to in building a bench (minimum 40 hour package – $2,600)
    • Call out to local names, passive candidates to encourage conversations with your station (minimum of 20 hour packages – $2,000)
      Note:  Call out services cannot be provided without one of the sourcing plans. The goal is to start a station with a log of a minimum of 100 leads for solid potential candidates.

    (6) Search (Quoted Independently)

    Media Staffing Network can conduct searches for individual or multiple sellers.

    Stations interested in any of the above services should register with Media Staffing Network.


1.  RAB Webinars:  IBA's newest memberservice introduced in June 2013 provides a year long schedule of webinars from the RAB.  Webinar log-ins are provided at no charge to current IBA member stations and there is no limit to the number of staff that can access each webinar. IBA will provide log-in instructions for each webinar using the Monday E-Letter "Insight Edge & Sales Tools" or you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details.

2.  Chris Lytle Webinars:

How to "Talk Advertising" With Your Prospects and Customers Now.

It’s on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 12 Noon CST.

Grab your "seat" and bring your whole sales team.

Invite your copywriters and production people, too. 


Here's why this program is important:

Everybody has an opinion about advertising. 

But people who sell broadcast advertising need a philosophy of advertising.

Not just an opinion.

Face it. Most of your salespeople don't have degrees in advertising or marketing. 

That's troublesome.

This Webinar bridges that learning gap quickly. 

It's a fast-paced, highly-detailed session.

Here are a few of the takeaways:

  • Why salespeople need to "talk advertising" and not just rates and ratings
  • Two of the best advertising “zingers” to share right away
  • What you say when a client says, "Nobody mentioned my ad."
  • How to get consumers to mention their ads
  • Five uplifting concepts to share with your customers
  • What you need to learn from these seven "old school" advertising masters

Chris Lytle is a best-selling author and well-travelled professional speaker. 

His promise to you is a bold one:

His programs contain more usable information per minute than any other learning event.

Save the date. 

Let him prove it.