Member Benefits

Continuing Education Offers Training

IBA offers many training options designed to assist the media sales representatives and sales managers to bring more advertising dollars to your station.  Most of these programs are at no cost or at a low cost to IBA member stations.  The website offers on-line sales training options, available 24/7, from Local Broadcast Sales and P 1 Selling.  Webinars are offered throughout the year on various topics for sales, compliance, and licensing.  Each year IBA brings some of the best trainers in the industry together for our annual convention that take on such topics as broadcast sales, creative advertising, digital broadcast media, and more!

Awarding Excellence

Each year IBA recognizes the "Best of the Best" in broadcasting with many awards of excellence including the Silver Dome Awards and  IBA Stations of the Year given each year at the annual convention.  In addition, IBA pays tribute to individuals who exemplify excellence in broadcasting with the IBA Vincent T. Wasilewski "Broadcaster of the Year" Award, IBA Pioneer in Broadcasting, and the Lifetime Achievement Award.  IBA along with the IBAcademic Committee offer the student broadcasters the opportunity to compete alongside other student broadcasters and schools in the Student Silver Dome Awards Contest.

IBAcademics-Creating Tomorrow's Broadcasters Today

This hardworking commitee provides outstanding opportunities for students attending Illinois colleges and universities offering broadcast instruction. College students gather at the annual IBA-University, a one-day conference, to learn from broadcast professionals in various sessions.  College students are also eligible to apply for consideration for the IBA Multicultural Internship Program which places students at member stations for a summer internship.  The Illinois Broadcasters Foundation (IBF) provides, promotes and facilitates educational opportunities in the broadcast industry through scholarships and grants, including a $100,000 Scholarship Program.


Government Relations and Legislation

Your IBA functions as a progressive and responsive association and is always on alert for legislation which would prove to be harmful to broadcasters, while at the same time helping to put forth and pass legislation which benefits the industry.  Working with Mike McClain, IBA Lobbyist in Springfield, Dennis Lyle works with Illinois legislators to maintain a favorable business climate in the state for the broadcast industry.  Several times each year IBA sends a team of delegates to meet with members of Congress on federal broadcasting issues.

Legal Counsel in Springfield and DC

IBA member stations have two valuable legal resources available for quick answers to both state and federal questions.  Don Craven handles all Illinois advertising issues, Freedom of Information, Cameras in the Courtroom, Reporter Shield, and any other state related item.  Dick Zaragoza, Pillsbury Law, fields all questions regarding the FCC License process, EEO matters, Public Inspection Files, and is involved with the ABIP Program.  To be connected with either of these two resources, contact the iba.

ABIP:  Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

The IBA and FCC provide member stations the opportunity to be voluntarily inspected by an IBA approved inspector at a very low cost.  IBA underwrites a portion of this expense for all member stations, once every three years. 

EEO Outreach

IBA has formulated four different resources for members to utilize in order to meet the FCC EEO Outreach Requirements:  Broadcast 1 Source, EEO Outreach Contact List, Job Postings on IBA website, and four Career Fairs each year.










Training even veterans can learn from! IBA offers several on-line training options designed to assist the media sales rep and sales manager to bring more advertising dollars to your station all at no cost to sellers of the member station. Whether you have your content delivered to your desktop, your laptop, iPad, or smart phone, IBA’s on-line training is so portable that sellers can take it along on sales calls to show the client just how beneficial local direct advertising can be. Many of the available modules contain promotional ideas that sellers can modify to meet the client’s needs, while in front of the client. Train when you want as IBA’s on-line training is always open and always on target!

Local Broadcast Sales-

Search through the largest archive of braodcast sales training for local direct, online, mobile and social media advertising ideas from one of 30 trainers. LBS has over 500 videos from industry leaders such as Paul Weyland, Gary Moore, Jim Tazserek amd more. Want an instant idea for a client that you have an appoinment with? Try Ask LBS for answers to sales questions that no one else can answer.
Link: (

P-1 Selling is now P1 Learning

P1 Plus is a live assist training program designed to take entry level sellers from rookie to “ready” in just seven weeks. Each registered seller will be taken through an intense combination of live and online training courses, conference calls, testing, and homework assignments.


  • 7 Weeks of Live Assist Sessions
  • 1-on-1 with P1 Learning Trainers
  • 40+ Online Video Courses
  • Individual Course Testing & Homework Assignments
  • Close of Program Final Project


The biggest challenge that our industry faces today is to give our next generation of sellers the tools they need to compete. P1 Plus not only provides great entry level sales training, but the opportunity to establish a mentoring relationship outside of the station’s walls with senior members of the P1 Learning team.

- Speed Marriott, Owner / CEO P1 Learning


The P1 Plus program will wrap up by taking sellers through the entire sales cycle resulting in a final presentation with a real account. But please register ASAP by clicking here,as this program is offered through the IBA on a quarterly basis with a limited number of seats per class.