Rising Above Summit: Ascending to Greatness-January 26-27

Featuring lessons from the best trainers in the business (Derron Steenbergen, Speed Marriott, Laurie Kahn, Tammy Wellbrock, Jamie Aplin, Jessica Jett-Hill, Paul Moehring, Jeff Fanselow and Chris Lytle) Rising Above: Ascending to Greatness will be a day and a half live virtual training event that will teach, coach, inspire and motivate you to rise above the challenges of today’s sales and management environment.

This multi-day virtual event will kick off on Wednesday, January 26th for Leaders and Managers and then again on Thursday, January 27th for Sellers. So whether you tune in for the entire summit or just a few of the sessions, you won’t want to miss this lineup!

Wednesday, January 26th (Leaders & Managers)
All times are listed in Central Standard Time (CST)
12:00p – Registration
12:30p – Opening Remarks
1:00p – Brandeis Hall | New Sales Meetings That Sales Teams WANT To Attend
2:00p – Laurie Kahn | How to Attract Candidates in A Competitive Job Market
3:00p – Jeff Fanselow | Conscious Inclusion in the Workplace
4:00p – Speed Marriott & Derron Steenbergen | Q&A Discussion
4:30p – Industry Celebration Preview

Thursday, January 27th (Leaders, Managers, Sellers, Station Employees)

All times are listed in Central Standard Time (CST)
8:00a – Registration
8:30a – Opening Remarks
9:00a – Paul Moehring | How You Can Become a Goal Getter Not Just a Goal Setter!
10:00a – Tammy Wellbrock | Utilizing Challenging Times to Build a Resilient Mindset
11:00a – Jamie Aplin | Brand Building vs. Sales Activation: Creative Campaigns That Do Both
1:00p – Jessica Jett-Hill | Taking the Guesswork Out of Digital Strategies and Budgets
2:00p – Brandeis Hall | 5 Things Your Advertisers Want You to Know (But Will Never Tell You)
3:00p – Speed Marriott & Derron Steenbergen | 22 Little Things To Make 2022 Big
4:00p – Industry Celebration | Live BMI Entertainment / Q&A With Hannah Ellis
4:45p – Closing Remarks

Registration for the Rising Above: Ascending to Greatness summit is offered for FREE through the Illinois Broadcasters Association to current members.
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