IBA2021 Speakers & Sessions

7:30 am Legal, Legislative and Regulatory Breakfast Panelists
John Bradley, IBA Lobbyist

Don Craven, IBA Attorney

Scott Flick, Attorney with Pillsbury

Charlyn Stanberry, NAB

Session: This panel of experts bring your station up-to-date with the latest state and federal issues. A buffet breakfast is included for GMs and Owners.

Dawna St. Louis

9:00 am From Great to Epic
You’re at the top of your game, you’re ready to step away from the competition in a big way. But knowing where to start is a challenge. As a peak performance practitioner for business pros, Dawna helps you gain the kind of edge that beats the competition and thrusts you from great to epic.

10:15 am
Motivate Before Graduate:
This session designed for the college broadcasters in attendance to help them prepare for their career at the end of this semester or next spring. Dawna brings real life experiences and can talk about how to rise above and be successful when you start with nothing!

Jeff Schmidt, RAB

10:15 am Results Trump Ratings- If you want a business partner for life, build a relationship with your client and offer solutions, not ads. You should not ask for your client’s business unless you have a plan for improving it. We’ll discuss ways to become the sustaining resource for your client that focuses on results and have nothing to do with ratings or price.

2:15 pm New Normal of Multi-Channel Sales– Sales is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. Things are ever changing, and your must change with them in order to thrive. This session will help while we use Borrell’s Benchmarking Report for the RAB to provide sellers a way to defy the gravity of 2020.

Brad Seitter and Brian Allers, TVB

10:15 am TVB “The Rise of OTT and What it Means to Broadcast Sellers” Session takes a look at the ABC’s of OTT, Selling Propositions, Common Selling Mistakes, Targeting, Advertiser Acceptance and Differentiating OTT Platforms.

2:15 pm Next Gen TV – How Does Next Gen TV Work? Current Test Markets and Timelines, Return Path Data, Targeting, and Revenue Opportunities

David Rich

2:15 pm “How to Click with Everyone, Every Time!” Based on Rich’s successful book of the same title (The modern-day version of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People) this session looks at relationships, how they have always been and will always be the foundation of any successful enterprise. Technology may have made communication easier, faster, and more abundant, but is has made real connections less common and lessened the quality of our relationships. David wills how the depth of your relationships are your most valuable asset.

3:30 pm Contagious Talk “One Thing in Life That You Know for Sure….”You Never Know!” – Based on David’s personal story on how he became “Rich” and explores the theory that the best things in life always happen and usually after what we think are huge disappointments. David explains this belief through three powerful lessons:
We are unqualified and unprepared to even know what are good and bad things, What happens is not always about us, The best thing is not always what we want, but rather what we need.

Boyd Huppert and Chad Nelson, KARE-TV Session for NEWS and MMJ

10:15 am “Compelling Stories on a Deadline” If I only had more time! Who hasn’t expressed that frustration while shooting or writing a story under deadline? This session explores techniques that will help you work not only more efficiently, but in a way that provides focused stories viewers will remember long after the newscast ends.

1:00 pm The Story Teller’s Dance with Boyd Huppert and Chad Nelson
Good things happen when reporters and photographers learn to “dance” with each other and with the subjects of our stories. From interviewing to gathering sound to on-the-fly lighting; this session will feature live camera demonstrations that will help your stories look and feel unlike any others in your market.

2:15 pm Making Chicken Soup out of Chicken Poop – We’d all like to be handed the perfect assignment every day. When does that ever happen? This session is an exercise in making lemonade from lemons. You’ll learn coping strategies for days when everything goes wrong and come to believe it’s still possible to come out on top.

3:30 pm The Write Stuff – Session is loaded with tips for visual journalists who want to improve their writing skills. Learn the ten literary devices that will breathe life into your stories, how to unlock the hidden power in sentences, how to avoid emotion-draining cliches, and tips for creating interactive and not passive viewing experiences.

Liz Crider-Huff, Secondstreet

3:30 pm It’s All About Promotions
Promotions finalists for Silver Dome Awards will want to arrive early and join their sales staff for this session from Secondstreet Promotions. Session first performed at the Small Market TV Exchange, Liz talks promotions and how to utilize your digital assets to their fullest.

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