IBA’s Most Popular Benefits for Compliance

Government Relations and Legislation

Your IBA functions as a progressive and responsive association and is always on alert for legislation which would prove to be harmful to broadcasters, while at the same time helping to put forth and pass legislation which benefits the industry.  Working with John Bradley, IBA Lobbyist in Springfield, Dennis Lyle works with Illinois legislators to maintain a favorable business climate in the state for the broadcast industry.  Several times each year IBA sends a team of delegates to meet with members of Congress on federal broadcasting issues.

Legal Counsel in Springfield and DC

IBA member stations have two valuable legal resources available for quick answers to both state and federal questions.  Don Craven handles all Illinois advertising issues, Freedom of Information, Cameras in the Courtroom, Reporter Shield, and any other state related item.  Scott Flick, Pillsbury Law, fields all questions regarding the FCC License process, EEO matters, Public Inspection Files, and is involved with the ABIP Program.  To be connected with either of these two resources, contact the iba.

ABIP:  Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

The IBA and FCC provide member stations the opportunity to be voluntarily inspected by an IBA approved inspector at a very low cost.  IBA underwrites a portion of this expense for all member stations, once every three years. 

EEO Outreach

IBA has formulated four different resources for members to utilize in order to meet the FCC EEO Outreach Requirements:  EEO Outreach Contact List, Job Postings on IBA website, and four Career Fairs each year.