High School Sports Streaming Summit-January 24

Do you suddenly find yourself with a high school sports exclusivity “issue” in your backyard?

This free* January 24th “Summit” might provide you with an answer (and new revenue stream!)
Given the current intense competition for High School Sports Video Streaming, radio as an industry must be prepared to enter next Fall’s football season ready to entertain and inform their local communities through this new technology.
Topics and Sessions:
9 am: Radio industry trends
10 am: The next decade of video streaming
10:45 am: Broadcaster Panel
1 pm: Basics of live streaming
1:30 pm: Equipping to reach the live streaming summit
2:15 pm: Doing more with less
2:45 pm: Adding more production value
3:45 pm: Ins and outs of monetization

Register for this no charge (access provided by the IBA) at: Register Now