IBA Awards

The IBA recognizes the Best in Broadcasting each year with the Silver Dome Awards and IBA Station of the Year.  Individual broadcasters are also recognized for their contributions to the state of Illinois and the industry with the W. Russell Withers, Jr. “Pioneer Award” and the Vincent T. Wasilewski “Broadcaster of the Year awards.  IBA has a prestigious list of broadcast professionals inducted into the IBA Hall of Fame, a tradition that began in 1963 with the induction of Meredith Wilson.  The Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented five times to outstanding broadcast professionals that have devoted their entire career supporting our industry in Illinois and nationally. 

  • Broadcast Pioneer Award
    Each year IBA pays tribute to both a Chicago market and downstate broadcaster who have spent most of their careers in Illinois behind the microphone, in front of the camera, in the production room, or in the manager's office. IBA's Broadcast Pioneer award was renamed in 2016 as the “W. Russell Withers Jr., IBA Broadcast Pioneer Award” in recognizing those, like Withers, have devoted years to bringing local programming to their audiences while serving as a pillar in the community, exemplifying the true meaning of “Localism” before it became popular. IBA celebrates the long careers of the following broadcasters while thanking them for their contributions to Illinois.
  • Broadcaster of the Year
    The Vincent T. Wasilewski Broadcaster of the Year Award, was named in honor of Athens, Illinois native Vincent T. Wasilewski after his induction to the IBA Hall of Fame in 1976. The award was created to honor those Illinois broadcasters who exhibit the same passion and dedication to the broadcast industry as Wasilewski did. Honorees are recognized for broadcast excellence with their Illinois station(s) and within the broadcast industry as a whole, and for the respect they receive from their peers both on a local market and national level, in addition for their work to achieve a favorable legislative climate for the broadcast industry.
  • Everett McKinley Dirksen Award
    This award recognizes the Illinois legislator for outstanding service to the people of Illinois and in honor of unique contributions to society.
  • Hall of Fame
    Many of the greats started their careers in Illinois or were born in the Land of Lincoln. IBA recognizes these great broadcasters with the title of Hall of Famer and celebrates them in either a public or private presentation. Our list includes News Broadcasters, Television Anchors, Comedians, Movie Actors, Famous Radio Voices, Industry Leaders and more.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    These honorees have dedicated their entire career to the broadcasting industry. Whether at the station level or the national level, IBA's Lifetime Achievers have given their service to their listeners and viewers, community, and industry.
  • Silver Dome Award
    Named after the iconic dome on the Illinois State Capitol, the Silver Dome Awards recognize the “Best of the Best” in Illinois broadcasting. Entries are judged by markets by out-of-state professional broadcasters in similar size markets.